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Module One Post Fourteen (Leaning of Pisa Tower)

Leaning Tower of Pisa Facts


The leaning tower of pisa in Italy seems like a miracle that is defying gravity`s pull. Since gravity force would be greater on objects with greater mass, it is fascinating how pisa tower is still standing with an approximate mass of 14,500 tonnes! Physicists predict that the tower would fall when its leaning angle reaches 5.44 degrees, but the pisa tower has been seen to reach an angle of 5.5 degrees before restoration work has been done between 1990 and 2001. With advancing technology in engineering and architecture, the tower is now standing at an 3.99 degrees angle. This helps with preserving this amazing architecture piece for another few hundred years or even longer.

Module One Post Five

For my fifth post, i decided not to use a website. I used my Uncle and his knowledge. As you may know, my uncle is an engineer and he absolutely loves architecture! Something that inspired me to research this specific topic was my uncle and all the engineering and building shows. I have always been interested in building and making new things. When i was younger, i always had a strong passion for Lego. I had a huge bucket filled with several Lego pieces and i use to build a variety of different things using these Lego pieces. Now when I became a lot older i realised that building and creativity all relate to each other in some way. Without creativity and being unique the world would be so boring and you would not be looking forward to doing and trying new things. I really hope i can one day study one of these jobs because they are very mind blowing topics to study and learn about! My sister wants to become and engineer since shes graduating this year so who knows? maybe one day i will follow my sister and uncles footsteps!

Module One Post Four


You can find many places filled with architecture around the world! However i wanted to research some places in Vancouver where you can find some fascinating buildings. I came across this website that had the 10 ten places in Vancouver to find architecture. Some places that they listed on this website were: Crown life building, Evergreen building, Marine building, Waterfall building, Pharmaceutical sciences building. A few of these buildings surprised me because i have actually been to a few of them before. Crown life building is a 20 story glass office. Its wedge shaped floor plates make it a graceful on the Georgia stretch. Evergreen building sits along the blue glass towers of Coal Harbour.The building has actually managed to resist hard pressures to convert the structure. When you get to actually stand next to these buildings or look at them it makes the experience ten times cooler because its incredible to see what architecture has done to our planet in such an amazing and wonderful way!

Module One Post One

Architecture and engineering are a few topics that I was curious and interested about researching. While I was researching this topic, I came across a few fascinating facts that blew my mind. One website I used to do my research on was http://work.chron.com/architectural-engineer-vs-architect-19557.html. To study and become one of these jobs in the future, you must complete at lest one-3 years of internship under the supervision of an experienced professional in their category they are interested in learning and studying about. This program lets people enjoy the true meaning of these jobs. They all use computer- assisted tools that they can use in the future if they want to continue this job and program. Architecture includes the process of planning, designing and constructing buildings or structures. On the other hand, both of these two things are really similar and they can both help you in life to get a well paid job i the future. The bonus part about these two jobs would be that they both involve lots of creativity and mind skills which are very important to have when you’re a kid and an adult. I found this website very useful and helpful because it helped research and understand the importance of my research topic and further information about it!