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Module One Post Thirteen (Math in Basketball)


This website show the average score per point. It show the ratios of the assists and passing to players. It show the percentages of the field goal and half court. It show the strategy of the time and timing their shot.

This helps me because it’s important to see the average mark of the scored and the ratios is also important because the passing is all about teamwork so if you pass then you can get the total calculate of the ratios pass. The percentages is important because the half court shot is very hard to shot and is 50/50 percent it will or it won’t make it. The strategy is good because the teammate can know what to do when they shoot and pass.

Module One Post Eight (Math in Basketball)


This website show the average points the player shoots, and the total average of the team. It show the ratios of defending the ball, and the assists to the player too. Shows percentages for example if the player shoots 11 on 20 attempts then you calculate the percentages and see the rate of the shooting. It also shows the strategy of the team like pass the ball and fake shoot then pass the ball and shoot.

This helps me because it’s important the take a risk if you want to take a shot. Also important that you need to pass and try to do something a good strategy so the opponent team doesn’t know. Important is to make sure you don’t miss a lot a shots because when the coach see it then you might gt kick out you maybe shoot it from a short range because is much more easier than long range.

Module One Post Five (Math in Basketball)


This website show five different spot and different distances. A basketball player shoot from different place with different speed. They analyze the data and calculate the average. It show the range of the place.

This helps me because you shoot from different spot and it show your average of different spot you are shooting. It’s important to get rebounds for your teammate so is more advantage for your team. It’s also important to stay focus while you are shooting and defending because you don’t want to make your team angry.

Basketball Shooting Drills

Module One Post One (Math in Basketball)


This website show how do you shoot in an angle to the hoop, the measurement of the whole basketball court, and show the average of the distance. The math in basketball involves in wide range. Basketball is a great opportunity to practice simple skill like adding and subtracting. Statistics is for analyzing a game of basketball. Geometry is good to help the player to defend the ball.

This helps me because it tells how far do you shoot from an angle and also it show the force of the angle speed. This is very important to me because because is all by an angle which is so important because the better the angle the more better you shoot. Geometry is also important because you need to defend the ball by bending your knees in an angle so you get more power to jump and block the ball. Basketball and Math