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Module One Post Thirteen

Cite used: https://science360.gov/obj/video/f2511bad-b43f-4dbd-84f9-ace57941ac90/mass-volume-density

Hockey takes advantage of one of the most precious liquids in the universe, water. Water is used as ice in it’s solid form. A hockey rink is 200 feet in length and 85 fee wide, therefore takes around 10,600 gallons of water to fill to about an inch. However, water expands when solidified, thats why some pipes break. This is how zamboni’s play a huge roll in the process of maintaining ice. It first removes first layer of ice, then puts new coat of water after finished. Therefore removing solids/refurnish ice before next period. This will be helpful when looking at the rink and it’s design. An amazing source of information!

Module One Post 11 (Kinematics)

Cite used:https://science360.gov/obj/video/0a558e3f-ac36-4e34-80c6-4ec6552657b3/kinematics

This resource comes from a site already mentioned, however i am just further explaining each video. This video here defines what kinematics is and how it is applied in hockey. First kinematics is the way to define a moving object by position, velocity and acceleration. Position is where located on the ice, velocity is the speed/aggression in the strides. Lastly acceleration is the calculation of standstill speed to top speed which most NHL players can hit around 30 miles per hour. In all this is a very handy website, with very informative and true information. An extremely reliable site that will help me throughout the project.

Post seven module One (how an angle affects calls)

Cite used:


I came upon this video when researching a controversial play. In the video it talked about how the parollex view affected the call of the play. This angle applied for when the puck crosses the goal line and when referee make calls based on their view of the play. This to me is extremely interesting  although not to informative it is extremely interesting how math can affect calls so easily.


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Module One Post Five (Shooting)

Cite used:https://physicsofhockeyproject.weebly.com/shooting.html

This website provides basic knowledge of the form, mechanics and projectile motion of shooting a puck in hockey. In addition, it shows what happens if you miss the shot. Unfortunately this site does not have too much information. This for me will be used more as reference page rather than a research page. Although may gather some important data, as i found some information extremely interesting. Definitely going to come back to this site again!

Module One Post four (Slapshot)

Resource used:

This video takes a deeper look at what a slapshot is, and how the stick reacts to the given force. Also it explains the math behind a hockey stick and the flex of a stick, and how it may affect your shot. This is a good resource as they have professionals prove their theory.  I also found this video explained the math very well, as it is easy to follow. This video will be extremely useful to me as it is an accurate resource, therefore will be a good place to gather data.

Module One Draft Two (Hockeymath)

Cite used: http://www.nbclearn.com/nhl/cuecard/56922

In this site it provides information that was mentioned in previous sites, however it goes  deeply into extreme ideas/concepts. Some examples are Kinematics, Newton’s three laws of motion, Hockey geometry, vectors, impulse/collisions and Projectile motion. All these subjects are explained and visualised by video, unfortunately I could not get a hold of the links of these videos. Continuing, this website displays a further/more detailed look into hockey, which i believe will be able to help me when looking into more complex ideas of math. Great site, definitely suggest it to others, as it is a good visual representation of how hockey is related to math.