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Module Two Post Two (Math in Basketball)


This website show the bank shot and free throw. This is important because the free throw is you can’t jump and shoot, you need to just shoot. A 3 point line is very hard to make it in but if you hit the backboard it will for sure in an angle because it’s important.

This helps me because no matter what happen to the hoop you always have a backboard support to score. Backboard is important in a game and it helps mostly all of the NBA players.

Module Two Post One (Math in Basketball)


This website show the backspin of the ball. It also for the backboard when you hit it in a 50 degree. If a 6 foot person is shooting the hoop than he would be in a 50 degree because that the best for a 6 foot tall person.

This helps me because playing in a game helps to know what would it be if you are 5 foot than they will have different angle and their shooting. The backboard is useful for the basketball to shoot.

Module One Post Twelve (Math in Basketball)


This website show the geometry about the backboard. The backboard is measure in meters and the geometry is used in bank shot of the backboard. It show that is better if you shoot inside the board and it better to shot the backboard from far range.

This helps me because the backboard is very use full and keep the score easy to shoot. it’s also important to know the measurement of the backboard because some back board is different so maybe is harder to shoot.

Module One Post Eleven (Math in Basketball)


This website shows the percentages of an angle shot, the percentages of the half court shot, the basketball player use the determine of the percentages shot, and bank shot is use for geometry. If a player shot left side 45 degree angle then it bounced on the right side of the backboard.

This helps me because it show the percentages of the half court shot and it’s important because the coach can see what position should we use. It also show the angle of the distance shooting point from the backboard.