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Module 2 Post 5 (The Dance Class)

I found this last site and it was really helpful because it included lots of pictures and a video at the end with all the positions of ballet. I wish I found this site sooner because it was filled with info on different types of math involved in ballet and there are a lot. The site said that ballet is based off perfect angles and shapes and that dancers must have perfect balance and harmony,



Module 2 Post 1 (Ballet Rotoscope; Geometry in Ballet)

So for module 2 I have decided to narrow my topic down to Geometry in Ballet. And for my first post of module 2 I found a really cool video. In the video there is a dancer and while she’s dancing there are lines surrounding her so it shows the shape she is making while she dances. It’s really cool because in the beginning of the video it starts with just the outline of the shape and probably about 4 counts into the dance they add in her body. It shows her arm movements to. So when she moves her arm it leaves an edited line to show what she drew with her arm.

Module 1 Post 11 (The Physicist Who Figured Out Ballet)


I found a site with information on how ballet is related to physics. Ballet involves physics and this site had a lot of information. It explained which moves had physics and how to apply it. It was written by Kevin Laws who is a actual ballet teacher now and who wrote three books. He explained that ballet is much more then practice and really strong toes.

This site helped me because there were multiple examples on how ballet involved physics. Most sites just list one example but this site had multiple. I can also apply this while I’m doing ballet, and I can understand it better if I had my own experience. But overall this was a very helpful site.