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Module 2 Post 4 (How is geometry used in dance?)

I found this prezi on how ballet is related to geometry and I found it useful because it also talked about angles and symmetry and those are related to geometry somehow. I decided to use it since it’s getting harder to find more resources about geometry in ballet. This prezi explained the use of angles in ballet. It also explained how choreographers use angles and shapes to make their dances more interesting and appealing. And as a dancer geometry in dance is very appealing especially if you are in the audience and you don’t know what happened in the process of creating the dance.



Module One Post Five (Instructional Videos)

My fifth website is mainly about how to do certain steps, showing you in videos. This site is meant to teach you how to tap dance in easy and step-by-step videos. The videos will teach you some choreography with dance and also a tap workout. There is also and option of beginners, adv-beginner, intermediate, int-advanced, advanced, and custom levels for the steps that were already choreographed.