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Module One Post Seven (Math in Perspective Drawings)

This time, I included a YouTube video to substitute for the website. The video talks about the laws of perspective. As you look at the painting it shows you in the video, you can see where the vanishing points and the horizon line are. It talks about orthogonal lines, which are the lines that go across the paper or canvas meeting at the vanishing points. Although the lines are parallel in real life, in the picture, the lines meet at a certain point. As the lines get farther away, the lines get closer together, making it give off the effect of it looking three dimensional.

Module One Post Four (dividing space)

When you are drawing in perspective, you need to figure out how far apart certain lines need to be. If you are drawing something that occurs in a pattern, like telephone poles, the objects get smaller and closer spaced the farther away it gets.


This website just talks about the lines, and steps you need to place on the paper to complete your drawing. The factors that applies every time you are drawing this way are  vanishing points, and a horizon line.  You need both of these factors to draw realistically.