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Module One Post Ten

Sleeves, pant legs and even bodices start out as nets. When fashion designers cut them out of the fabric, they’re flat– and they may not look at all like what they’re meant to be. A cap sleeve may look like a semicircle at first. Attach it to the arm hole, and it curves over the shoulder. So fashion designers need net drawing to make clothes. At first, it’s flat, but when you fold it or sew them together, it become 3 dimensional.

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Module One Post Ten [Nanotechnology in Clothes]

Nanotechnology in Clothes

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This is a very good website called The Guardian. It explains that over 1600 products have nanoparticles. One type of nanotechnology is Microbe-killing silver which kills bacteria and odours. There are potential risks of nanotechnology like if when the customer sweats the nanotech might go on their skin. Through research, it is proven that people care more about the pros of nanotech than the cons.

Module One Post Five

When they sell their clothes, people use money to buy them. Money is about math, and it’s in everyday life. Before they cell it, they need to calculate how much did they use for all the supplies that were used to make that clothes, which is the cost. Then, they can determine how much they are going to sell it and does it worth that much.

Here are some pictures:

Module One Post Two

Fashion designers need an understanding of geometry. They would use it when they design clothes, for examples : basic shapes and 3D shapes, angles, parallel lines and transversals… they are all about geometry. Every piece of clothing would have at least one design that’s related to geometry, and geometry is part of Math.

Below are some pictures about fashion designs and geometry.

Module One Post One

For fashion design, the fashion designers would measure sample garments for fitting – the size. Each measurement will get a number, after they finish measuring, they will know the size for the sample. Also, number is the very basic elements for Math. Further, it really connects to everyday life, like the clothes we are wearing right now.

Here are two pictures of what and how would fashion designers measure the samples and how do they tell their sizes: