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Module One Post Eleven [CPU and GPU]


This website explains the important differences between CPUs and GPU’s. It explains that GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit and CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. They are very important for computers, especially CPU. GPU is used for video games or animations. Not all computers have GPU because they might not have a graphics card. GPU is also a lot bigger than CPU. Overall this website is pretty good because it displays a lot of examples to make things more clear. GPU and CPU are very important in both the creation of computers and coding.Image result for Computer background

Module One Post Six [Generations of Computers]

Generations of Computers

In 1822 the first computer was made. It was able to make basic mathematical equations. The main goal of computers is to be casual. Later computers can do more complicated equations and are easier to use. In 1983 the first personal computer was made. Macintosh was the later name. In 1993 the first graphics card was released and that was very important because of that it made gaming a lot easier. Image result for computers wallpaper

Module One Post One [What is Nanotechnology]


What is Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is technology so small that humans can’t see it. This site explains how nanotechnology can help in many subjects like biology or physics. Richard Feynman is the scientist who made it on December 29, 1959. In 1 inch there is 25,400,000 nano-meters. The website is good because it is a government website and has lot’s of information and examples for most ages to understand.

Everything is the world has atoms and nanotechnology is about controlling those atoms. Even high school microscopes cannot see most forms of nanotechnology. The website helps because it explains that scientist who study nanotechnology need specific technology such as scanning tunnelling microscope (STM) and the atomic force microscope (AFM).

Now that people have discovered nanotechnology they have been trying to find new ways to use it.