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Module One Post Eleven (Mathematics of Ballet)

This website talked about the several different ways that math is involved in ballet. This website was a blog that was similar to a lot of other websites I came across, however it still had a lot of good information. This website gave a variety of different examples of math in ballet, such as spatial formation, angles, symmetry, and counting the music. When dancing in a group, dancers stay in formations. These formations are usually geometrical.

This website was useful because there were a lot of different examples, so when I have to narrow down my topic this will be a great website to refer back to. The example I found the most useful was spatial formation because not very many other websites had information o this topic.

Module Two Post Two (Tap Step Dictionary)

For my second post of module two, I found a website that is basically a dictionary of tap steps with counting and movement descriptions. In this website, it explains how to do different steps while stating what the steps are and how to do them.For example, there is one step called a toe stand and in order to do that step you have to jump up onto the tip of your toes and balance there. I think this website is very useful is because if during dance class, there is a step that you don’t know, then you can go to this website and see how do a certain step.

Module 1 Post 5 (The Mathematics of Ballet)


This site is very useful because their are many different topics that explain why math is in ballet. Although this site doesn’t have much words there is still quite a bit of information that could be useful. This site shows that the dancers must be able to count the music to stay on time with the other dancers. They also must keep their balance and must move equally. They also have to learn the 8 corner and they must understand symmetry and geometry. They must also understand the directions of counterclockwise and clockwise, they must know this because there are two different types of pirouettes en dedans and en dehors. They must know the directions for the turn.

The dancers appear the same because they are counting the music.


Dancers must keep there balance on pointe by staying symmetrical.

This is very helpful because it shows that there are a lot of different topics and I can explore other topics. This helps because it had pictures and videos to show what they were trying to explain. It helped me understand what they were trying to say. There were some websites that had a lot of information but I didn’t really understand what they were trying to say because there were visual information (pictures).

Module One Post Three (The Mathematics of Ballet)

This website talks about how different concepts in ballet are related to math. Counting is very important and useful in ballet. In order for a dancer to stay in time with the music, they must count their steps. If they miss a beat they won’t be in sync with the other dancers. Symmetry is very important because it helps dancers balance. It also explains that for several different movements the legs move equally although they do not appear the same. Dancers must also understand the concept of clockwise and counterclockwise because there are 2 different kinds of pirouettes, en dedans, and en dehors. The four different walls and four different corners in the studio are referred to as the eight corners.

dance dancing GIF

The dancers all look identical because they are counting in time with the music.

Although this website did not have a lot of information, it was still useful because, for the most part, it had different information from the other websites I read. It was also helpful because it had a lot of pictures and images to help me better understand what the website was trying to explain.