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Module Two Post One

Geometry in marching band. Marching band isn’t all about playing music and counting. In marching band you have drill, which is a picture representation of all the different shapes and forms the band makes as a whole. There is surface area involved because you need to know the dimensions of the stadium. Here is a website I used


Module One Post Ten (Field Size)

This website shows me the width and length of the field. It shows the field marking and measurements, dimensions, halfway lines, and boundary lines. This website will help to show me the measurements of the whole field, as well as the measurements of different parts of the field.


Module One Post Four (field dimensions)

This website is helpful because it shows me the dimensions of the playing field.

I will use this website to talk about dimensions, yards and converting the yards to cm, and m, so people can understand the length in different forms. Including the rules of the different lengths between the net and the out line.