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Module one post ten

This website is just like my other one but instead it talks about 2 stroke dirt bikes. This website is very handy when you want to know exactly how a 2 stroke works it tells you all the parts and how they work. For example a crankshaft is a part which is able to convert the reciprocating motion to rotational motion.This website also tells you how a 2 stroke dirt bike has a much bigger exhaust pipe than a 4 stroke. I think this will help me by learning how each dirt bike engine works and will come in super handy farther in the project.

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Module one post nine

This website specifically talks about 4 stroke dirt bike engines and how they work.This website tells me how far back 4 stroke engines went, which was 10 years. Before that it was just 2 stroke and nothing else.This website also talks about how 4 stroke dirt bike engines last longer in many ways. For example 4 stroke dirt bikes don’t rev as high as two strokes which stop many thing like the chain. When a 2 stroke is running there is a better chance of it breaking because it revs so high which makes the motor super hot, which could burn off the chain. I think this website will help me learn about specifically 4 stroke dirt bikes and will come in handy when I am researching or testing a 4 stroke.

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Module seven post eight

This website tells you the different’s in oil you need to fill with a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke dirt bike. It turns out you need to fill a 4 stroke dirt bike more than a 2 stroke because the motor is not as strong and big as a 4 stroke. This website also tells me how much and frequent you have to fill a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke. I think this will help me if I test how long each dirt bike will last with a full oil tank on both motors.


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Module one post seven

This website tells everything about a dirt bikes transmission from the clutch down to the gears.This website also tells me much about the how the hole transmission comes together the clutch releases the tension between the gears which lets the chain fall into the next gear.This website will give me more information on dirt bikes and how they work.

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Module One post six

This website tells me all the things I need to know about dirt bikes from all its types of motors to why the dirt bike is shaped so strait and thin. this website is also super helpful with all the dirt bikes I need to study for this project it has a Honda XR 100 and it shows many different motors and there specifications all the way down from 1990.I think this website can help me see how big motors have changed since back then.This is why this website would be a great way to help me choose what I’m going to do for my project.


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module one post five

this website tells me how big of a different in mileage a super big motor to a small motor is. this will helping me compare the amount of gas a 4 stroke motor burns compared to a 2 stroke.this have also included many thing in how the motors are so different and how the different ‘s of the motors might effect on how much gas each of the motors can burn. I think this will help me in many ways and will come in handy when we start to construct our project.


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module one post four

this website tells me how long it take for a full tank of gas to run of. this will help me by letting me compare between a electric engine and a gas. this website actually taught me it all depends on the motor because if you have a small electric motor and a big gas motor obviously the big one will stop working first.overall i think this website will be extremely important to my project in the long run.


this is the website 

module one post three

this website gives me information about how much a electric motor burns electricity and how quick it runs out of juice/electricity. this will help me by helping me calculate how fast a electric engine will run out so i can compare with a gas. this website have taught me a lot about the differences between how much a gas powered motor and an electric motor.this website was very helpful to read and it just got me one step closer to knowing what Im doing.


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module one post two

this website tells me the difference between a gas engine and a electric motor.this will help me in my project by telling me how much electricity it uses in a regular ride and how much a gas motor burns on a regular ride. In this website a regular ride is two km by the last paragraph of the website it says the gas motor would obviously last longer because electricity burns faster than gas but at the same time your polluting with a gas motor so whose really lasting longer. I think this will be and great help in my project and be a great website to look further on.


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module one post one

this website tells me what the different in aerodynamics of a dirt bike to a car it also tells me the different of gas mileage between a 2 stroke motor and a 4 stroke motor. this will help me by telling me how aerodynamics relate to math.Well it says the 2 stroke dirt bike and a four stroke dirt bike does not really rely on aerodynamics it relies on the power of the motor because two stroke dirt bikes are basically meant to rev really high and four stroke dirt bikes are meant to rev really low and two strokes are also racing motors meant to go on high speeds which four strokes are not, so if there the same cc the 2 stroke will always win.


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