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Module One Post Fifteen (Math in Basketball)


This website show the calculus of the gravity in basketball. How to shoot with gravity and with the force. It show the calculate of the distance gravity.

This helps me because the gravity is also big part of the basketball. The distance of the gravity is better because without gravity it’s going to be hard to shoot

Module One Post Fourteen (Math in Basketball)


This website show the how to play professional basketball by using math. This tells you how to do it in the right timing of the time. Show you the foul shot distance to shoot and tells where to shoot. It show the free throw line the distance of the shooting.

This helps me because it’s important to know the distance of the shooting point and the free throw is also important. Being the professional basketball player is good because you need to play smart.

Module One Post Four (Math in Basketball)


This website show the backspin of the ball to shoot the hoop, in the free throw line you need to shoot perfect in the hoop, the arm need to be an angle to shoot the hoop nice and easy. If someone do a backspin the ball can hit the rim or the backboard. The more angle the more hoops you can get in. There is a magic formula that tells about the backspin.

This helps me because in a free throw line you can shoot the hoop without any defense men and it important so your team can get point, by doing that you need math to see the meters and how can you do it. The backspin is very good for free throw because it LeBron James of the USA takes a free throw during Team USA's Olympic warmup game against Great Britain at the Manchester Arena on July 19shoot better and get more shots in. When you always shoot make sure you always hit the backboard because when you hit the backboard it lets the ball to force in the hoop.

Module One Post Three (Math in Basketball)


This website show the jump shot from distance, the jump shot increase the shot and speed. The increased to the ball the higher velocity by using greater shoulders. The greater is your jump the more chances you can shoot. It show that if you jump the greater angle you can get. The reduction in balls release height and release angle.Figure 3

This helps me because the jump shot gives more power and greater angle of the shot. You need a great shoulders to get higher velocity. When you do a lay up you need to jump and your arm need to reach close to the hoop, and you can see is that when you jump is more better aim than just standing and shoot, that WRONG because you won’t get enough good chances.

Module One Post Two (Math in Basketball)


This website show what is the difference if someone shoot from different pointer with same power. The distance from different point, the speed of the basketball, and the angle shot of the basketball. It tells the different speed and the angles. It tells how much degrees to shoot for example 50 or maybe 60. The measurement of the hoop. The range of initial speed.

This helps me because the distance is important and the distance helps people know how far it is to shoot from a three pointer. The angle degree to shoot and the power. If a player want to shoot he/she need a better angle, distance, power to shoot a perfect score.