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Module Two Post Five (The math in film making)

On this website it explains the math behind film making in detail.

Things like:

Pre-production which is like script, setting etc. Everything you need to know before you start recording. The post-production which is editing and fixing parts and like where clips start coming together.


Module Two Post Three (A guide to using Filmora video editer)

I have decided to use Filmora to edit my year end project. In this website it explains what Filmora is and how to edit using it. The video editor can do the same things as iMovie but they have different effects, transitions and more. Using this website will help me while I am making the video so I can make it look more appealing.


Module Two Post One (iMovie (2013): Trim, split, and move clips)

In this website it teaches you how to edit a clip of a video and how to combine it with other video clips. How to extend clips, shorten clips, speed up clips and lengthen the duration of clips. You can also trim off a bit of a clip if you don’t want a part to be apart of your finished film. You can add in effects, colour, and cool transitions!


Module One Post Thirteen (Behind scenes of hollywood movies | Making of hollywood movies2016 )

In this video it shows how movies from Hollywood are made using greenscreen and editing softwares on computers. It is a bit more complicated because it invloves a lot of people and people who actually have the skill and know what they’re doing.

Module One Post Nine (How Is Math Used In Film Editing?)

This website is explaining the main point of editing and why people even edit movies and videos. It says that editing is used to sharpen an image or blur the sides of one to make the image or clip more appealing. It also talks about special effects.


Module One Post Eight (Connections: Film: Shots, Cuts, And Editing)

This link is a good resource because it goes through the different types of shots, cuts, and editing methods and what they are exactly. It also talks about the sound and music in films and how they attract the audience as well.


Module One Post Two (Pixar In A Box: The Math Behind Movies)

In this artical, Khan Academy has teamed up with Pixar to explore new subjects.

This is my website:

In the video it shows:



-artists, scientists, animators, coders, sculptures

-starts with an idea, they figure out the storyline with drawings

-the storyboards string together all the pictures\

-have to figure out how they use a computer to move the characters.

-have to make the landscapes

-add music and dialogue