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Module One Post Thirteen [How technology has evolved]

How Technology Has evolved

This website is “The Washington Post” and it is very helpful because it has very helpful images, diagrams and information. 1985 – 2002 was the era of tapes to watch videos, 2003 – 2014 was the era of DVDs to watch videos and 2015 + is the era of digital videos. In 2006 94% of homes bought DVDs. On the internet it was different. Until 1993 no households had internet. 1994 – 1999 55% of households had internet. From 2000 – 2005 34% of households had internet but it was slow. 2006 + 86% of households have internet. There are many more examples this website provides such as music. Down below are how phones have developed over 30 years.

Module One Post Six [Generations of Computers]

Generations of Computers

In 1822 the first computer was made. It was able to make basic mathematical equations. The main goal of computers is to be casual. Later computers can do more complicated equations and are easier to use. In 1983 the first personal computer was made. Macintosh was the later name. In 1993 the first graphics card was released and that was very important because of that it made gaming a lot easier. Image result for computers wallpaper