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Post 4 Module 2 (How the length of your stick can affect your shot)

Video used:

This video provides information when purchasing a stick. Therefore the different sizes and flex. It also shows a graph on height to stick based on your body physique (weight and height). This is an reliable source of information, however I do know certain people who do not follow this rule of thumb, and do just fine. This is something i would like to test too, if the flex of the stick affects the top speed of your shot even if both sticks are the same height. This source will be more a reference when doing our experiment.

Post 1 Module 2 (How the length of your stick can affect your shot)

Cite used: http://hfboards.mandatory.com/threads/thoughts-on-stick-length-leverage-and-stick-flex.2362981/

This website, is a theory/opinion based on stick flex and length. This opinion is gathered through experience and questioning. Flex is how much weight is required for the stick to flex an inch in the kickpoint. His opinion is that when cutting a stick of for example 100 flex, when cut shorter the flex doesn’t change, however it feels stiffer as the player can maintain less leverage when shooting. He also believes that flex can vary through the girth of the stick too.This is something we must consider while doing our experiment, the stick flex and height. In all, a bit more detailed look and opinion of stick length, and also mentioned an extremely important term “leverage”.

Post eight Module One (Flex of stick)

Cite used: https://www.hockeystickman.com/blogs/hockey-stick-alerts/40761601-the-truth-about-hockey-stick-flex

One of the most controversial discussions in hockey, when cutting a hockey stick shorter does it really affect the flex? After viewing this site, I have a fuller understanding of this question. For example longer the stick= more leverage, therefore easier to flex. Although smaller the stick harder it is to flex because closer the hands are. This site will be extremely helpful as it demonstrates the physics of weight transfer from body to stick. It also is extremely informative and extremely relatable, definitely recommend to others!