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Module Two Post Four [Math, Nanotechnology and Food]

Math, Nanotechnology and Food

Cons About Nanotechnology in Fast Food Production

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Many companies such as Kraft, McDonald’s, and Pepsi are avoiding to do research into how nanotechnology can be used to make their products taste better, are more efficiently produced and cost less. The reason why is because some people have a very strong distaste about nano tech because they feel it will replace jobs and be unhealthy. Companies like McDonald’s want their customers to feel that everything is organic but we know very well that it is not.

Module Two Post Three [Math, Nanotechnology and Food]

Math, Nanotechnology and Food

Packaging and PreservationImage result for nanotechnology in food preservation

This website describes how nanotechnology has been used to preserve food through the work of nano capsules to enhance things like omega- 3. They have certain chemicals such as butyrate. The only problem is the chemicals have not been successful and may have health risks.

Module Two Post One [Math, Nanotechnology and Food]

Math, Nanotechnology and Food

Understanding Nanotechnology in FoodImage result for nanotechnology in food

This website explains how nanotechnology is a big factor in many things but surprisingly it is huge with food. One way it can be used is in packaging. It can make silver nano particles in plastic packaging that can kill bacteria. Also nano scientists are using nanotechnology to give people the choice of the flavor in the food they eat from vegetables to drink. If you don’t like your carrots, don’t worry, soon we will be able to change the flavor!

Module One Post Nine [Nanotechnology and Food]

Nanotechnology and Food

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This website names the benefits of nanotechnology in food. They explain it in 4 major categories: Agriculture, Food Processing, Food Packaging, and Supplements. In the category of agriculture, the website said that nanotech would help with delivery of products and nanocapsules can be used as pesticides and fertilizers. Under the category of food processing, it explains that nanocapsules can be used to add flavour more easily. Under the category of food packaging, they explained that with nanoparticles they could make packaging stronger and they could also use nanosensors to check the temperature and moisture inside a package. In the last category of supplements, they explained that nanocochleates can be used to deliver more nutrients and good things and the taste will not be changed.