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Module Two Post Five ( Science and math in war )

Science, technology, and warfare

This website explains how the advancement in technology can affect warfare. Scientific technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, computer science, and 3d printing make a country even more powerful than having nuclear weapons. These technologies enables the development of powerful military systems. There are endless possibilities to what technologies can create. Future warfares will rely on a lot of technologies. The internet can spread information extremely quickly, so a lot of new technology is exposed to us. For this reason, national security can no longer be guaranteed by military power. Technology is playing a large role. These technologies are enabled by science.

Module One Post Fifteen [Nanotechnology in War]

Nanotechnology in War

The US is planning on having lasers as weapons. Nanotechnology plays a huge role in lasers and that means that nanotechnology will help in warfare. Right now most people are thinking of ballistic missiles and other nuclear weapons because they can destroy massive amounts of land. The good things about laser technology are that they can stun or deactivate something without killing it. With missiles, everything gets blown up and no peace can be reached. This means that if a tank was coming to attack, people with laser technology could deactivate the tank without killing the people inside so that war will be less deadly.

The reason why some governments are trying to do this is that they do not want to harm people with war. China is leading with making nanotechnology so they could have the upper hand in future wars. Other places that are trying to get more nanotechnology in war are Mexico, India, Iran, and Thailand.Image result for nuclear war background