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Module One Post Fifteen (hockey goalies)

video used:

In this video, sports science (company) wondered rather than having athletic goalies in net, if they put a big goalie in net that covered over 90% of the net, would they stop a shot of over 70mph? They’re results clearly showed that a athletic goalie is better than a big one, this ties in with reflex and reaction time. As it is a key in the game of hockey. I found this video very informative and entertaining. A great video, demonstrating that size/mass is not a big factor.

Module One Post Two (cutting down angles as a goalie)

This website and video will be helpful in improving shooting angles and understanding them. As well as the goalie understanding the angles and helping to cover more of the net, and save the shots. This will help me for my project so i can write about how the goalie has many plays and moves that involve math. Also including the shooter who is taking the shots. They also have many angles that if you understand would help better with scoring.

Cut Down the Angles | Girls’ Lacrosse Drills & Tips … – PlaySportsTV


Modules One Post One (Geometry in Lacrosse)


This website is by Hannah Koehler on angles, parallel lines and geometry in Field Lacrosse. It shows how parallel lines appear in lacrosse, and how they are important par of the rules while playing. It also shows the angles used to shoot the ball into the net. As well as the shapes and sizes of the net, ball and stick.

This website will help me with my project because it showed me that there is more than just the shooting angles that help with the mathematics of lacrosse. And that lacrosse has math in every play and move you make, including all the rules.