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Module Two Post One (Math in Basketball)


This website show the backspin of the ball. It also for the backboard when you hit it in a 50 degree. If a 6 foot person is shooting the hoop than he would be in a 50 degree because that the best for a 6 foot tall person.

This helps me because playing in a game helps to know what would it be if you are 5 foot than they will have different angle and their shooting. The backboard is useful for the basketball to shoot.

Module One Post Ten (Math in Basketball)


This website shows the force of the angle. The speed the the shots you take and calculate the average. Shows to bend your legs so so can get more speed and angle. Also it’s even depends how tall are you because it’s affect the force of your height and if you are short you need a lot of force to shoot in the net.

This helps me because it’s important to use the force in order to shoot the ball and also important to bend your knees and jump then you take the shot. Even the height if you are short you should better be closer to the hoop and tall can be any where.

Module One Post Nine (The Lacrosse Stick)

this website will help me for a few moments. The first thing this website helps with is the width, height, and depth of the shaft and pocket. this will help me because those are all aspects of math. I will learn about the depth, length, and width through actual sticker and ones offline.