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Module Two Post One (Science and math in war)

History of math in military

This web site is a prezi presentation that shows how math is applied in the military. In history, math have been used to create weapons and calculate construction plans for artillery weapons. In Ancient Greece, artillery weapons that are similar to cross bows have been constructed by mathematical calculations. Sailing and navigational technology have advanced due to math calculations that allowed for the construction of ships and boats. Ancient Greece made the fastest boats at the time by using simple geometric calculations. In World War II, Albert Einstein created the atomic bomb using math to calculate scientific equations. Aircrafts, computers and the encryption system was also created. These technologies allowed for more destruction in warfare.

Module One Post Ten (Tap and Productions)

For my tenth website, I have found a website that talks about how tap dancing started as African slaves who were to work on the ships deck. When they had nothing to do when they were not working, they started to dance around to stay fit and exercise. This website also talks about the how people incorporate other styles of dance in. They have also added in acting to make larger productions that have tap in them to make them more entertaining to watch. I think this website can be helpful for those who need inspiration about production ideas and want to try to add tap into any of their productions that they have already thought of.

Module One Post Nine (History/origin of How Tap was Popularized)

My ninth post is a little bit more about the origin of tap for those who just want to know how tap dance started in someone else’s words. This website talks about the how before, one specific man named William Henry Lane aka Master Juba, the first “black” man to ever be allowed to perform in front of “white” people before the “black” people were even allowed to perform. it also talks about other people who were famous for tap dancing, for example William Henry Lane (Master Juba), Bill Robinson (Bojangles), Fayard and Harold (the Nicholas Brother’s). All of these people were the people who made popularized tap in America. This website is a very good website for someone who just wants to know a little bit of the history of tap in a paragraph. I think this website is helpful for people because then they can find another activity that were started not only by Caucasian people and could be from “black” people.

Module One Post Three (History and References)

My third website on tap history/references is a little bit about the history of tap dance but also some references to websites that will also help you learn more about this subject. Some information of the history is that tap dancing first originated in Africa known as Juba, practiced by African slaves. The website also explained that before there were tap shoes, dancers wore soft shoes or clogs.

Module One Post One (History of Tap Dance)

Tap is a very interesting topic and I have been tap dancing for about ten years and now, I want to expand my knowledge on it with math. In order to find out more about tap, I have to find good websites to use, so my first website I found is History of tap. In this website, it explains about how tap was populated in different parts of the world.

Tap originated from the Africans in early Africa. These people were then called the Levee dancers.┬áTap dance and Irish clogging are very similar and share deep roots. Irish clogging is mostly fast and complicated foot movements with a rigid upper body. This trait is called the, Black “Buck and Wing” style.

This website talks all about the types of shoes used, for example not until 1910, tap shoes had no aluminum on the soles and heels. Many years before that, tap dancer and used soft shoes which are pretty much jazz shoes. To actually make a sound, they would put sand on the the floor and when they shuffle, you can hear the sounds that they make.