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module one post ten (race studio analysis)

Race studio analysis is very helpful to us drivers during practice and testing before the races. It takes the information on the steering wheel display and shows it on graphs. It shows us the track, RPM, and speed. It helps us figure out where we might be slowing down to much, or losing time.

Race studio analysis will help a lot if I focus on anything related to the driving aspect of karting. I have all of my information from many different tracks on this program and it is easy to access and read the data given. I also will be able to take data from my teammates karts and compare the information to find the differences in our driving.


module one post nine (italkart.com)

Italkart.com is the official website for my chassis provider, Italkart. They produce the highest quality, best performing chassis’ on the market today. I have one of these chassis and race it very often. This website outlines the information on the chassis and the specs.

There is a lot of math behind the chassis and the adjustments related. On the chassis, you can adjust the height of the suspension, width of rear tires, and many others that can dramatically effect the performance of the kart. It is all about getting the adjustment. If I decide to use anything about the chassis for this project, having all the chassis information in one place is very helpful, especially since the information is on the same chassis I use.


module one post four (italianmotorsusa.com)

Italianmotorsusa.com is your one stop shop for everything go kart related. Unlike kartpit.com, Italian motors sells go kart related products. From chassis to engine packages, from karting helmets to shoes, they have it all. They even have accessories, like go pro camera’s and canopies for when it’s raining. Along with all these great products, they also have information about the different chassis, engines, and equipment.

Italian motors will be very helpful to me because they have all the products you would need for karting all in one place. Along with these products, they have information about them. This information will become very handy if I decide to focus on the difference between engines, etc. Everything is also in one place, making it much easier to find everything I will need.

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