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Module Two Post One

Geometry in marching band. Marching band isn’t all about playing music and counting. In marching band you have drill, which is a picture representation of all the different shapes and forms the band makes as a whole. There is surface area involved because you need to know the dimensions of the stadium. Here is a website I used


Module 1 Post 1 [Music and Mathematics ]

Music and Mathematics

This site explains a wide variety of how music can relate with mathematics. The site explains that most music pieces have a form known as “Binary” and “Ternary”  form. Binary is a musical form that has 2 sections: A and B. Sometimes it might be A-A-B-B if the composer wants to repeat a section.Ternary is a musical form that has 3 sections. The most common type for Ternary form is A-B-A formation.

This site also explains how a scale is a set of pitches used in creating pieces. Most pieces stay in one key while others change into other keys. Each key has a minor and major key. The higher a note is, the higher the hertz (Hz). A tonic note on A major would have a lower hertz while a note such as a high A would have a higher hertz.This is known as an interval.

I believe this site will be helpful to me because it provides tons of links while also providing a vast variety of why music and mathematics are related.