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module one post nine (italkart.com)

Italkart.com is the official website for my chassis provider, Italkart. They produce the highest quality, best performing chassis’ on the market today. I have one of these chassis and race it very often. This website outlines the information on the chassis and the specs.

There is a lot of math behind the chassis and the adjustments related. On the chassis, you can adjust the height of the suspension, width of rear tires, and many others that can dramatically effect the performance of the kart. It is all about getting the adjustment. If I decide to use anything about the chassis for this project, having all the chassis information in one place is very helpful, especially since the information is on the same chassis I use.


module one post eight (lecont.com)

Lecont is go kart tire manufacturer. These tires are the ones I use in national, regional, and club races. There is lots of math in tires. How much rubber, what type of rubber, why do some perform better then others, amount of air in the tire. Tires are very important in the world of karting. If they are the wrong compound, wrong air pressure, wrong setup, it will cost you the race.

Lecont.com is a very helpful website because it shows all of the tires they make and information about them.This website will help a lot if I decide to use information on tires for the project. I will be able to refer to this website to find all the information I will need. Having all the information on these tires in one place will make it much easier for me to complete this project.


module one post five (youtube.com)

I know youtube sounds like an average source to use, but I didn’t want to put all the channels I could use inside those brackets so I’ll just tell you them here. Youtube has many channels that talk about karting and the mechanics. Remo Ruscitti has a youth channel were he posts onboard videos of him driving go karts and race cars. KartPit has a channel were they post videos of working on the chassis of a go kart and different things you can change to improve performance. Italian Motors has a youtube channel were they post informational videos about some of their products.

All these youtube channels and videos can help me because it is a visual representation of what I’m doing. I found out that I learn better when I see what I am supposed to do. Watching videos, whether they are of driving, fixing, or information, having videos will help me a lot.

module one post four (italianmotorsusa.com)

Italianmotorsusa.com is your one stop shop for everything go kart related. Unlike kartpit.com, Italian motors sells go kart related products. From chassis to engine packages, from karting helmets to shoes, they have it all. They even have accessories, like go pro camera’s and canopies for when it’s raining. Along with all these great products, they also have information about the different chassis, engines, and equipment.

Italian motors will be very helpful to me because they have all the products you would need for karting all in one place. Along with these products, they have information about them. This information will become very handy if I decide to focus on the difference between engines, etc. Everything is also in one place, making it much easier to find everything I will need.

Website link here


module one post three (Micheal Valiante)

Micheal Valiante is a professional race car driver and owner of Italian Motors, the go kart team I race for. He is by far one of the best drivers I know. He was the 4th best go kart driver in the world at one point! He is also a great mechanic. If my dad and I can’t figure out a problem with my engine or chassis, he is always the one with the answer. For the last 6 weeks, Micheal has been training me and my teammates, and I have become a much better driver in that time because of him.

Micheal will definitely be able to help with this project. He knows everything there is to know about karting and the mechanics behind it. He is also a great tuner. He knows all the tricks and secrets. Having Micheal is going to help me so much.

module one post two (Remo Ruscitti)

I am very good friends with Remo Ruscitti. Remo is a 23 year old professional race car driver. He is also is a part of the same go kart team that I race for. He races and fixes go karts. He works at Italian Motors USA as a mechanic. Remo has raced o karts his whole life and knows everything about them. Remo is also my mentor and my idol.

Being friends with Remo will definetley help me throughout this project. He has all the knowledge about setting up and tuning, fixing, and driving the go kart. He also knows about all the different tires, how they are different and why, and why some are faster then others. Remo also knows about different driving styles and how different ones are faster and how to change driving style. he knows a lot about karting and having him will be an asset.

module one post one (kartpit.com)

I discovered kartpit.com very recently. Their website has information about anything you need and want to know about karting. Whether you are just getting into the sport, or need new equipment, or need to learn how to fix a go kart, this site has it all.

I find this website very helpful because it has tons of information all in one place, and it covers many different topics on karting that I can use for this project. If I want to do something related to the mechanics behind karting, or the driving aspect of karting, this site has it all, and in the same place. It is really helpful having it all in the same place because then you wont have to continuously go back and forth between different sites. It also makes it easier to right a biography after the project is finished. kartpit.com also has subtitles on their homepage. Whne you first get onto the website, it has subtitles leading to the different aspects of karting talked about on the website. This makes it very easy to find what information you are looking for and lets you go straight to that information. This website will defintley help me a lot throughout this project.

website link here