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Module One Post Fifthteen

The Math of Marching. I have another example of how there is math in marching. Without the influence of mathematics a marching show has no tempo, rhythm or general effect. Like elbows must be bent at a 90 degree angle and instruments should be held at a 45 degree angle. Without math a marching band could not exist because there’s no where to pinpoint which member goes where, make formations and pay music while doing so.

Module One Post Eight

Marching and playing an instrument is a difficult thing to do. It requires lots of concentration and patience. In air cadets you go through lots of drill and you need to know angles for it. Sometimes the commands would call for a 45 degree and and sometimes a 180 degree angle. There are also salutes in cadets and they also have to be in an angle so there is even angles and math involved in marching and drill. Here is a video clip of the drill team