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module one post 5 communication

In soccer you will always need to communicate with your team and sometimes to the other team and referee but mostly with your team.with communication you need to to know where to say man on or pass.so that where the math comes in.first you need to to check your surroundings and then look at your teammates surroundings if they have the ball and want to get into space to get the ball. you must  move in open space to get the ball passed to you then you.then you make your run with calculations and with timing and then you have to say pass or here with timing so that they can pass to you quickly while you are in space witch would alow you to switch the ball r have more time. that how communication and math work well.

Module One Post Six (Math in Basketball)


This website shows how many time you can be on the opponent half court, it’s about 30 seconds and the team need to shoot under 30 seconds. To pass better is you need good eye contact and good handling the ball. Always watch your opponent and where the legs moving. It show you need to pass the ball down angle so more chances your player have

This helps me because it’s important to make sure you pass to your teammate and give them chances to shoot too. Passing is also very important more important than shooting because your team need to take time to shoot when it’s open goal.

post 4 module 1 soccer finding space

in soccer it is very important to find space. it is related to math by moving and how much you have to move.like how many steps you have to move and how fast and when to move.like you have to time your run.when you are planing you need to know when and where to run you  can do this by finding their blind spots then quickly running in front or moving quickly away and then back where they want to go and then their teammates passing them the ball once they find space.