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Module One Post Fifteen (Tap Styles)

For my fifteenth and final post of module one, I have found a website that informs people about the different styles of tap dance as it grew and became more popular. First, there was clog dancing which was wooden soles that made the noises. Clog dancing came from Ireland. This website also talks about soft shoe and sand dancing. Soft shoes dancing is where tap dance is done with the same kinds of shoes as the tap shoes now except there are no metal plates on them. Tap dancing has been in many Broadway musicals in movie productions. Some of the people who helped bring tap dance to the stage was Fred Astaire, Paul Draper, and Gene Kelly. This website is great for those who just want to know the different styles of tap.

Module One Post Thirteen (Behind scenes of hollywood movies | Making of hollywood movies2016 )

In this video it shows how movies from Hollywood are made using greenscreen and editing softwares on computers. It is a bit more complicated because it invloves a lot of people and people who actually have the skill and know what they’re doing.

Module One Post Eleven (PIC Math – Creating More Realistic Animation for Movies – Segment I)

This source is a Youtube video that shows us how objects or something is moved to make it seem more realistic on a computer. It shows us in some examples how they are moved and what they do to make it seem more realistic. (Lifting upwards, to the side, etc.)


Module One Post Ten (Mathematics In Music In Movies)

This video sums up the mathematics in the music that is placed into a film or movie. Without music or sound effects the movie would be more boring. There is counting, rhythm, scales, intervals, patterns, symbols, harmonies, time signatures, overtones, tone, pitch and much more to make a piece of music sound right.



Module One Post Seven (The Secret Of A Film’s Success Is All Down To Mathematics, Claim Scientists)

Scientists have analyzed many successful films and they say that there is a repetition of a pattern in the movies to grab the audience’s attention.


Module One Post Six (The Editing Successful Hollywood Movies Follows A Mathematical Formula)

This website shows how they use different lines and angles to achieve the best look in a movie for the audiences. It includes a diagram with coded parts to show what lines are for what purposes and a visual for 3 different movies.


Module One Post Four (Math In Film Industry)

This link talks about what stages an idea has to go through to become a movie or video. The type of people that have to work on it and what kind of math. For example, they wrote that animators use math the most in the film industry and that they mostly use trigonometry, algebra, integral calculus, subdivision surfaces, and harmonic coordinates.



Module One Post One (Math Behind The Movies: An Interview With Tony DeRose From Pixar)

This website will help me with my project because it talks about how Tony DeRose from Pixar got into mathematics as a kid and how his 7th grade science teacher showed him how to use trigonometry to calculate how high the rockets went. He thought that it was magical and way better than equations on paper. He also talks about how he got to work with Pixar. I think it’s really important to know how someone thinks about movies before actually figuring out what are exactly the math behind movies.

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