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Module One Post Seven [Nanotechnology and the Environment]

Nanotechnology and the Environment

Image result for nanotech and environmentThis website explains about Microtechnology and what the impacts are on the environment. There are both pros and cons to the environment. With nanotech batteries will contain less harmful materials so they don’t kill wildlife. The website also describes all their examples in detail so it is easy to understand. Nanotechnology can help clean up oil spills so that wildlife can not die. I think that this is a reliable website because the information is very well written.


Module One Post Three [Mathematical Equation Helps Scientists in Nanotechnology]



How a mathematical equation opened a new frontier in nanotechnology


This website is helpful because it displays an explanation for an excellent equation for measuring the shape and weight of nano-objects such as viruses. The equations are made by professor John Sader at the University of Melbourne. It explains that it will require more force to push heavier objects. If you accelerate a particle you measure how fast it goes to figure out the mass. That is called (MS). This website is a bit complicated but it helps you realize how math is used to measure nano-objects/ particles.