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Module One Post Ten [Nanotechnology in Clothes]

Nanotechnology in Clothes

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This is a very good website called The Guardian. It explains that over 1600 products have nanoparticles. One type of nanotechnology is Microbe-killing silver which kills bacteria and odours. There are potential risks of nanotechnology like if when the customer sweats the nanotech might go on their skin. Through research, it is proven that people care more about the pros of nanotech than the cons.

Module One Post Nine [Nanotechnology and Food]

Nanotechnology and Food

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This website names the benefits of nanotechnology in food. They explain it in 4 major categories: Agriculture, Food Processing, Food Packaging, and Supplements. In the category of agriculture, the website said that nanotech would help with delivery of products and nanocapsules can be used as pesticides and fertilizers. Under the category of food processing, it explains that nanocapsules can be used to add flavour more easily. Under the category of food packaging, they explained that with nanoparticles they could make packaging stronger and they could also use nanosensors to check the temperature and moisture inside a package. In the last category of supplements, they explained that nanocochleates can be used to deliver more nutrients and good things and the taste will not be changed.

Module One Post Eight [Nanocars!?!?!]


The goal of this design is to be simple so no molecule will fall off

The structure of the windmill allows steering in all 4 directions

This car flaps like a butterfly

One of the only cars that have wheels, axels and a chassis

Wheels easily move on any surface

This website talks about a nanotechnology challenge/ competition. People have designed cars which are the size of a molecule. The competition takes place in France in an arena the size of 0.001 of a single human hair. This also serves an educational purpose which is how nanotech reacts to different surfaces. The cars will not have any motors and some designs do not have axels or wheels. The 6 designs are “The Green Buggy, “Swiss Nano Dragster, “Windmill”, “NIMS – Mana Car”, “Dipolar Racer” and “Ohio Bobcat Nano Wagon.” It will be a bit difficult to control the cars because they are so small and that is why it is a competition.

Module One Post Seven [Nanotechnology and the Environment]

Nanotechnology and the Environment

Image result for nanotech and environmentThis website explains about Microtechnology and what the impacts are on the environment. There are both pros and cons to the environment. With nanotech batteries will contain less harmful materials so they don’t kill wildlife. The website also describes all their examples in detail so it is easy to understand. Nanotechnology can help clean up oil spills so that wildlife can not die. I think that this is a reliable website because the information is very well written.