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Module Two Post Five [Math, Nanotechnology and Food]

Math, Nanotechnology and Food

Nanoliposomes and Food TasteImage result for tech vegetables

Nanoliposomes can be used to deliver people nutrients to people who want to be healthy but do not want to eat the vegetables. The nanoliposomes will stay in your blood and deliver your body the nutrients it needs when it needs it. Nanoliposomes can also be used to make your food more addictive and send chemicals to your brain to want more of the type of food.

Module Two Post Four [Math, Nanotechnology and Food]

Math, Nanotechnology and Food

Cons About Nanotechnology in Fast Food Production

Image result for nanotechnology in mcdonald's food

Many companies such as Kraft, McDonald’s, and Pepsi are avoiding to do research into how nanotechnology can be used to make their products taste better, are more efficiently produced and cost less. The reason why is because some people have a very strong distaste about nano tech because they feel it will replace jobs and be unhealthy. Companies like McDonald’s want their customers to feel that everything is organic but we know very well that it is not.

Module Two Post Three [Math, Nanotechnology and Food]

Math, Nanotechnology and Food

Packaging and PreservationImage result for nanotechnology in food preservation

This website describes how nanotechnology has been used to preserve food through the work of nano capsules to enhance things like omega- 3. They have certain chemicals such as butyrate. The only problem is the chemicals have not been successful and may have health risks.

Module Two Post Two [Math, Nanotechnology and Food]

Math, Nanotechnology and Food

Healthy Junk Food?Image result for evil junk food wallpaper

This website explains how nanotechnology can make junk food become healthy. One conflict that a lot of scientists have faced is the dangers of nanotechnology and nano capsules in you body. Scientists have now made new nano capsules that break down in you body as it goes through you digestive system. The nano particles make it so when you eat a burger then the healthy parts of the burger like the lettuce and tomato can go into your blood and the non healthy will be partially destroyed.

Module Two Post One [Math, Nanotechnology and Food]

Math, Nanotechnology and Food

Understanding Nanotechnology in FoodImage result for nanotechnology in food

This website explains how nanotechnology is a big factor in many things but surprisingly it is huge with food. One way it can be used is in packaging. It can make silver nano particles in plastic packaging that can kill bacteria. Also nano scientists are using nanotechnology to give people the choice of the flavor in the food they eat from vegetables to drink. If you don’t like your carrots, don’t worry, soon we will be able to change the flavor!

Module One Post Fifteen [Nanotechnology in War]

Nanotechnology in War

The US is planning on having lasers as weapons. Nanotechnology plays a huge role in lasers and that means that nanotechnology will help in warfare. Right now most people are thinking of ballistic missiles and other nuclear weapons because they can destroy massive amounts of land. The good things about laser technology are that they can stun or deactivate something without killing it. With missiles, everything gets blown up and no peace can be reached. This means that if a tank was coming to attack, people with laser technology could deactivate the tank without killing the people inside so that war will be less deadly.

The reason why some governments are trying to do this is that they do not want to harm people with war. China is leading with making nanotechnology so they could have the upper hand in future wars. Other places that are trying to get more nanotechnology in war are Mexico, India, Iran, and Thailand.Image result for nuclear war background

Module One Post Fourteen [Pros and Cons of Nanotechnology]

Pros and Cons of Nanotechnology

This is a helpful website because it provides information about nanotechnology and it provides both sides of the story (pros and cons). Some pros are that nanotechnology can make more efficient energy sources and they can be smaller so that is good to conserve space. Also, medicine is better with nanotechnology because they can reduce side effects. Some cons of nanotechnology are other trade markets will fall because nanotechnology will be more efficient. Weapons can now be more powerful with Nanotechnology. It is expensive to develop.

Image result for nanotechnology background

Module One Post Twelve [Nanotechnology in Road Building]

Nanotechnology in Road Building

This website is a helpful website because it tells people about how roads can be used for both environment and human purposes. The nanotechnology used in roads can be used for the protection of the earth beneath the roads so the environment can be preserved and not damaged. This website acknowledges the cons of nanotechnology in roads. Normal roads use micro tech so it may be hard to scale it down to nano.Image result for highway wallpaper hd

Module One Post Ten [Nanotechnology in Clothes]

Nanotechnology in Clothes

Image result for nanotech and clothes

This is a very good website called The Guardian. It explains that over 1600 products have nanoparticles. One type of nanotechnology is Microbe-killing silver which kills bacteria and odours. There are potential risks of nanotechnology like if when the customer sweats the nanotech might go on their skin. Through research, it is proven that people care more about the pros of nanotech than the cons.

Module One Post Eight [Nanocars!?!?!]


The goal of this design is to be simple so no molecule will fall off

The structure of the windmill allows steering in all 4 directions

This car flaps like a butterfly

One of the only cars that have wheels, axels and a chassis

Wheels easily move on any surface

This website talks about a nanotechnology challenge/ competition. People have designed cars which are the size of a molecule. The competition takes place in France in an arena the size of 0.001 of a single human hair. This also serves an educational purpose which is how nanotech reacts to different surfaces. The cars will not have any motors and some designs do not have axels or wheels. The 6 designs are “The Green Buggy, “Swiss Nano Dragster, “Windmill”, “NIMS – Mana Car”, “Dipolar Racer” and “Ohio Bobcat Nano Wagon.” It will be a bit difficult to control the cars because they are so small and that is why it is a competition.