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Module One Post Thirteen (Math in Basketball)


This website show the average score per point. It show the ratios of the assists and passing to players. It show the percentages of the field goal and half court. It show the strategy of the time and timing their shot.

This helps me because it’s important to see the average mark of the scored and the ratios is also important because the passing is all about teamwork so if you pass then you can get the total calculate of the ratios pass. The percentages is important because the half court shot is very hard to shot and is 50/50 percent it will or it won’t make it. The strategy is good because the teammate can know what to do when they shoot and pass.

Module One Post Nine (Math in Basketball)


This website show the geometry about how to shoot, defend, and pass. Shows the hoop distance and the basketball too. The way you need to dribbling the ball and passing it like an angle. Even the shots.

This helps me because it’s important to shoot from an angle to get better chances. Always stay focus with the ball and the player moving because they might trick you and put your hands that the player can’t pass.

Module One Post Six (Math in Basketball)


This website shows how many time you can be on the opponent half court, it’s about 30 seconds and the team need to shoot under 30 seconds. To pass better is you need good eye contact and good handling the ball. Always watch your opponent and where the legs moving. It show you need to pass the ball down angle so more chances your player have

This helps me because it’s important to make sure you pass to your teammate and give them chances to shoot too. Passing is also very important more important than shooting because your team need to take time to shoot when it’s open goal.

module one post 4(passing)

In soccer passing is another key part.passing is useful in a lot of situations like if you are stuck or if you cant get around someone. There are may different types of soccer passes like a through ball, short pass,long ball and a  cross. when i play i normally just make short pass I sometimes  make long balls and trough balls. making passes you need to make sure they are hard enough to get to the player you are passing to.



module 1 post 2 ( soccer in passing)

to do a standard pass with math you need to time your pass and moving between the players and making runs to get the ball.when you want to receive the ball you have to make runs and call for the ball.and the person who is passing the ball has to Time their pas of the ball and put it in front of their feet so they can run onto the ball