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Module One Post Eight

For fashion designers, they need to know the basic 2-D patterns in order to design a clothes, and 2-D shapes are part of math. To design a clothes, the designer need to draw out each piece of the whole clothes, and each drawing is a 2 dimensional shape, which means that it’s flat, when you look at it with your eyes parallel to that piece, it just looks like a line.

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Module One Post Three (Patterns and Mathematics)

Patterns and Mathematics are very common, because it’s easy to understand. When you’re trying to explain to someone about math, it would be very difficult. Patterns and Math can also be related to art in a way. Patterns can be like colorful shapes, which is a sign of art. There are many examples of patterns. There could be numbers of patterns, or shapes of patterns. What I learned from this website, is that many people can understand the meaning of pattern in math.