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Module Two Post Five (Math in Basketball)


This website shows a picture of the angle in a free throw line. This is very important because free throw line is pretty hard to shoot because you can’t jump and if you jump that doesn’t count as a point so the way you do it is you need to have more power and force to reach the hoop.

This helps me because it’s important to know how hard is the free throw line and by doing that you need to have a greater angle to shoot.

Post 1 Module 2 (How the length of your stick can affect your shot)

Cite used: http://hfboards.mandatory.com/threads/thoughts-on-stick-length-leverage-and-stick-flex.2362981/

This website, is a theory/opinion based on stick flex and length. This opinion is gathered through experience and questioning. Flex is how much weight is required for the stick to flex an inch in the kickpoint. His opinion is that when cutting a stick of for example 100 flex, when cut shorter the flex doesn’t change, however it feels stiffer as the player can maintain less leverage when shooting. He also believes that flex can vary through the girth of the stick too.This is something we must consider while doing our experiment, the stick flex and height. In all, a bit more detailed look and opinion of stick length, and also mentioned an extremely important term “leverage”.

Module One Post Seven (shooting angles/power)

This video explains how to shoot overhand in lacrosse. It shows different types of shooting and when you should use them. It explains the different angles you should use when shooting depending on where you are along the 8 metre. This will help me with shooting angles and how to hold the stick. Each angle you are shooting from changes the power and place you are shooting from.



Module One Post Two (Math in Basketball)


This website show what is the difference if someone shoot from different pointer with same power. The distance from different point, the speed of the basketball, and the angle shot of the basketball. It tells the different speed and the angles. It tells how much degrees to shoot for example 50 or maybe 60. The measurement of the hoop. The range of initial speed.

This helps me because the distance is important and the distance helps people know how far it is to shoot from a three pointer. The angle degree to shoot and the power. If a player want to shoot he/she need a better angle, distance, power to shoot a perfect score.