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Module Two Post Three (2 point perspective)

In this website I found, I am going to mostly talk about how two point perspective fits in with math. To state the obvious, this type of perspective is used a lot in geometry. As each shape is drawn, it will be either perpendicular, or parallel to each other. every line that is drawn will make its way to one of the vanishing points, creating angles as it goes.

You can think of the process of drawing two point perspective like a formula for math. It has multiple steps that has to go in a certain order to make the answer (drawing) correct.

Two Point perspective Drawing: How To Guide - Step 17

These are the two drawings that are made in the website I have explained. As you can see, you can see there are multiple 3D prisms that are used to create the scenes.

2 Point Perspective Drawing: Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Module One Post Nine (shapes in drawing)

This time the site goes deeper into the geometrical shapes in drawings. If you think of a castle, you can see the shapes.

This drawing was on the website, and here you can see the pyramids, cylinders, cones and prisms. To master the architectural part of drawing, its easy to just remember how to draw these geometrical shapes. This is because usually you can just combine the 3-D shapes to make a building like how this castle was built.