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Module One Post Nine(Maths and Dance)


This slideshow talked about the use of some mathematical terms and topics when dealing with: music and rhythm, shapes, movements executed, spatial organization, and symmetry. Dancers form lines and simple shapes with their bodies such as circles and triangles, as well as more complex shapes. It’s important that dancers have a good understanding of geometry and angles so they can make the correct shapes.

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Despite being a slideshow this site was very helpful and had a lot of good information. It had a lot of good pictures as well that I could connect to the information. The pictures displayed on the slideshow also helped me understand the information better.


Module One Post Seven (The Mathematical Reasoning Behind Dance)

This website talks about the mathematical reasoning behind dance, but more specifically ballet. One example the website gave is, symmetry, it´s very important that one side of the body matches the other side. Being symmetric helps a dancer with balance. Symmetry usually contributes to the formations of the dancers in a dance. Another example is rhythm, dancers must be able to count the number of counts in a step as well as the beats in music. The most counts in a full set 8.

This site was helpful because not only did it explain the different connections between math and ballet, it also explained why they believed math was in ballet. This website not only explained the connections between math and ballet but other dances as well.

Module 1 Post 9 (Maths and Dance)



This site explains what math is in ballet, and although it is a slide show it was still useful. This site showed examples of how math is in ballet, there are music and rhythm, symmetry, shapes and even movement. Dancers form many shapes and lines with their bodies so they must understand geometry and angles.


This site was helpful because although it was a slideshow there was still information that I could use. I could see the pictures and connect it to the information. This is also is one of those sites with multiple connections to dance and math. I like these sites because I can extract more information out of it.

Module 1 Post 7 (The Mathematical Reasoning Behind Dance)



This site talks about the different math in ballet. This site uses many examples. There are examples such as Rhythm in ballet, symmetry, geometry, and more. It shows pictures as examples. If a dancer is off symmetry then they could lose balance and get injured. If a dancer isn’t counting then he or she will be off time with the rest of the dancers. There are also several angles in dance and dancers form shapes with their bodies.


This site was helpful because it was like one of the previous sites I used except this site had more details. This site actually explained why they thought math was in ballet. This site also showed different dances and not just ballet. There was also tap, because rhythm in tap is very important. If you’re off beat in tap then your taps will just sound like noise.