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Module Two Post Five (Math in Basketball)


This website shows a picture of the angle in a free throw line. This is very important because free throw line is pretty hard to shoot because you can’t jump and if you jump that doesn’t count as a point so the way you do it is you need to have more power and force to reach the hoop.

This helps me because it’s important to know how hard is the free throw line and by doing that you need to have a greater angle to shoot.

Module Two Post Three (Math in Basketball)


This website shows what is the angle of your arm when you shoot. The more you are on the right angle the better your shooting becomes and even if you bend too. 45 degree is a greater angle because it go in a smooth shot when you shoot.

This helps me because angle is a big important thing to shoot the ball in the hoop. Angle have a great force to shoot and the more you are bending the better you shoot.

Module Two Post Two (Math in Basketball)


This website show the bank shot and free throw. This is important because the free throw is you can’t jump and shoot, you need to just shoot. A 3 point line is very hard to make it in but if you hit the backboard it will for sure in an angle because it’s important.

This helps me because no matter what happen to the hoop you always have a backboard support to score. Backboard is important in a game and it helps mostly all of the NBA players.

Module One Post Fifteen (hockey goalies)

video used:

In this video, sports science (company) wondered rather than having athletic goalies in net, if they put a big goalie in net that covered over 90% of the net, would they stop a shot of over 70mph? They’re results clearly showed that a athletic goalie is better than a big one, this ties in with reflex and reaction time. As it is a key in the game of hockey. I found this video very informative and entertaining. A great video, demonstrating that size/mass is not a big factor.

Module One Post Nine (Math in Basketball)


This website show the geometry about how to shoot, defend, and pass. Shows the hoop distance and the basketball too. The way you need to dribbling the ball and passing it like an angle. Even the shots.

This helps me because it’s important to shoot from an angle to get better chances. Always stay focus with the ball and the player moving because they might trick you and put your hands that the player can’t pass.