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Module Two Post One (Math in Basketball)


This website show the backspin of the ball. It also for the backboard when you hit it in a 50 degree. If a 6 foot person is shooting the hoop than he would be in a 50 degree because that the best for a 6 foot tall person.

This helps me because playing in a game helps to know what would it be if you are 5 foot than they will have different angle and their shooting. The backboard is useful for the basketball to shoot.

Module One Post Fifteen (Math in Basketball)


This website show the calculus of the gravity in basketball. How to shoot with gravity and with the force. It show the calculate of the distance gravity.

This helps me because the gravity is also big part of the basketball. The distance of the gravity is better because without gravity it’s going to be hard to shoot

Module One Post Fourteen (Math in Basketball)


This website show the how to play professional basketball by using math. This tells you how to do it in the right timing of the time. Show you the foul shot distance to shoot and tells where to shoot. It show the free throw line the distance of the shooting.

This helps me because it’s important to know the distance of the shooting point and the free throw is also important. Being the professional basketball player is good because you need to play smart.

Module One Post Fourteen (reaction time)

video used: 

In this video, they compared reaction time between a cat and a goalie. It was shown using professional hockey players, both goalie and player. The goalie can react use as fast as a cat, however for the goalie, it was not a reaction it was a reflex. Human are not capable of reacting 1/10 of a second however they can follow the puck and know where about it is located. Overall a cool and informative video, displayed and explained very well. Definettly recommend to others!

Module One Post Seven (shooting angles/power)

This video explains how to shoot overhand in lacrosse. It shows different types of shooting and when you should use them. It explains the different angles you should use when shooting depending on where you are along the 8 metre. This will help me with shooting angles and how to hold the stick. Each angle you are shooting from changes the power and place you are shooting from.



Module One Post Five (Shooting)

Cite used:https://physicsofhockeyproject.weebly.com/shooting.html

This website provides basic knowledge of the form, mechanics and projectile motion of shooting a puck in hockey. In addition, it shows what happens if you miss the shot. Unfortunately this site does not have too much information. This for me will be used more as reference page rather than a research page. Although may gather some important data, as i found some information extremely interesting. Definitely going to come back to this site again!

Module One Post four (Slapshot)

Resource used:

This video takes a deeper look at what a slapshot is, and how the stick reacts to the given force. Also it explains the math behind a hockey stick and the flex of a stick, and how it may affect your shot. This is a good resource as they have professionals prove their theory.  I also found this video explained the math very well, as it is easy to follow. This video will be extremely useful to me as it is an accurate resource, therefore will be a good place to gather data.

Module One Post three (Angles in hockey)

Cite used:http://hockey.sageground.com/shooting/scoring_angles.aspx

This cite provided a good understanding on the how angles are used in a game of hockey. This website demonstrates the relationship of angles to shooting in hockey. Unfortunately, other tabs on this website is still being made. I myself found this website extremely interesting as it goes into depth in one of the biggest aspects of the game of hockey shooting. The information displayed was extremely clear and easy to understand. This website will be definitely used in my research.

Module One Post Five (Math in Basketball)


This website show five different spot and different distances. A basketball player shoot from different place with different speed. They analyze the data and calculate the average. It show the range of the place.

This helps me because you shoot from different spot and it show your average of different spot you are shooting. It’s important to get rebounds for your teammate so is more advantage for your team. It’s also important to stay focus while you are shooting and defending because you don’t want to make your team angry.

Basketball Shooting Drills