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Module One Post 11 (Kinematics)

Cite used:https://science360.gov/obj/video/0a558e3f-ac36-4e34-80c6-4ec6552657b3/kinematics

This resource comes from a site already mentioned, however i am just further explaining each video. This video here defines what kinematics is and how it is applied in hockey. First kinematics is the way to define a moving object by position, velocity and acceleration. Position is where located on the ice, velocity is the speed/aggression in the strides. Lastly acceleration is the calculation of standstill speed to top speed which most NHL players can hit around 30 miles per hour. In all this is a very handy website, with very informative and true information. An extremely reliable site that will help me throughout the project.

Module One Post nine (Ice skating)

Cite used: https://www.real-world-physics-problems.com/physics-of-ice-skating.html

This website goes over an important aspect of the game of hockey, skating. In this website it reviews the two motions of the skate a push from the edge and then a glide. Not only that but doing movement on ice is near friction less therefore top speeds of over 40 kilometers can be reached with quite ease. In addition it goes over the relationship between force and speed. Similar to running one foot pushes and one foot glides, therefore having a good balance and a straight line of direction. In my opinion, this website has very good and relatable information. It easy to understand, and will be definitely used in my research.