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Module One Post Twelve (Energy in hockey)

Cite used: https://science360.gov/obj/video/c5be5456-2e39-49a7-8118-218868df89eb/work-energy-power

Once again breaking down another video from one of the previous mentioned cites, this video is about a theory of physics. A slapshot, one of the best representations of the game of hockey is a great example of the physic theory of work, energy, power. Energy is the power that will accelerate the puck. Both kinetic and potential energy could be used during a slapshot. Kinetic is the movement of energy, for example weight transfer or even a swing from your arm. Potential energy is the energy stored in a object, for example a hockey stick. Work is when force hits an object therefore displaces it, in this case the puck. Lastly power is the amount of work done overtime. In all, this cite will be extremely useful, because i believe this will be a good guide for me in the long term during my project.

Module One Post four (Slapshot)

Resource used:

This video takes a deeper look at what a slapshot is, and how the stick reacts to the given force. Also it explains the math behind a hockey stick and the flex of a stick, and how it may affect your shot. This is a good resource as they have professionals prove their theory.  I also found this video explained the math very well, as it is easy to follow. This video will be extremely useful to me as it is an accurate resource, therefore will be a good place to gather data.