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Module One Post Eight (Connections: Film: Shots, Cuts, And Editing)

This link is a good resource because it goes through the different types of shots, cuts, and editing methods and what they are exactly. It also talks about the sound and music in films and how they attract the audience as well.


Module 1 Post 1 [Music and Mathematics ]

Music and Mathematics

This site explains a wide variety of how music can relate with mathematics. The site explains that most music pieces have a form known as “Binary” and “Ternary”  form. Binary is a musical form that has 2 sections: A and B. Sometimes it might be A-A-B-B if the composer wants to repeat a section.Ternary is a musical form that has 3 sections. The most common type for Ternary form is A-B-A formation.

This site also explains how a scale is a set of pitches used in creating pieces. Most pieces stay in one key while others change into other keys. Each key has a minor and major key. The higher a note is, the higher the hertz (Hz). A tonic note on A major would have a lower hertz while a note such as a high A would have a higher hertz.This is known as an interval.

I believe this site will be helpful to me because it provides tons of links while also providing a vast variety of why music and mathematics are related.