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Module One Post Ten (Math in Basketball)


This website shows the force of the angle. The speed the the shots you take and calculate the average. Shows to bend your legs so so can get more speed and angle. Also it’s even depends how tall are you because it’s affect the force of your height and if you are short you need a lot of force to shoot in the net.

This helps me because it’s important to use the force in order to shoot the ball and also important to bend your knees and jump then you take the shot. Even the height if you are short you should better be closer to the hoop and tall can be any where.

Module One Post Four(Calculating average velocity or speed)

                                    Calculating average velocity or speed

This video on khan academy show how to calculate two dimensional velocity or speed. It is basically calculating the average speed over a time period. For velocity, you just have to add the direction the object is moving. It might help me in calculating velocity for my project because I’d like to further explore physics – the study of matter in and its motion and behavior through time and space.

post 4 module 1 soccer finding space

in soccer it is very important to find space. it is related to math by moving and how much you have to move.like how many steps you have to move and how fast and when to move.like you have to time your run.when you are planing you need to know when and where to run you  can do this by finding their blind spots then quickly running in front or moving quickly away and then back where they want to go and then their teammates passing them the ball once they find space.



post 3 module 1 soccer with dribbling the ball

with dribbling the ball you need to time it and with dribbling you need speed. with dribbling you start running then when your about a meter in front of the payer you do the trick. then once you have past them then you accelerate and speed away from the defender.say you right outside the eighteen yard box and there are a lot of defenders in front of you then you have to keep the ball close to you and do the tricks around them but keep the ball close to you. same thing once you past them accelerate or if your in front of the net then you shoot.


Module One Post Two (Math in Basketball)


This website show what is the difference if someone shoot from different pointer with same power. The distance from different point, the speed of the basketball, and the angle shot of the basketball. It tells the different speed and the angles. It tells how much degrees to shoot for example 50 or maybe 60. The measurement of the hoop. The range of initial speed.

This helps me because the distance is important and the distance helps people know how far it is to shoot from a three pointer. The angle degree to shoot and the power. If a player want to shoot he/she need a better angle, distance, power to shoot a perfect score.