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Module One Post Eleven (steps for perspective drawing)

This website goes through the steps on how to draw in perspective. You need these basic factors when you are drawing this way. Every time you are drawing perspective (it doesn’t matter what kind) you need a vanishing point, and a horizon line. For one point, only horizontal, diagonal, and vertical. For two point, you can only use diagonal, and vertical (excluding the horizon line).

In one point there is only one vanishing point and for two, its two points. All of the architectural lines should point to either of the vanishing points. If one of them are pointing somewhere else, you are doing something wrong.

This website also talks about zero point perspective, which I haven’t seen in any of the other 10 websites I have visited. In this case, there is no vanishing point, so there are lots of organic lines (non geometrical). It is used in landscape drawings where there are no parallel lines.

Basically, everything close should be big, and get smaller the further it is away. There are 4 types of perspective that are one point, two point, three point, and zero point.