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module 2 post 5 (How to: Perfect air pressure)

This is a youtube video about karting and tire pressure. It is an informational video explaining how to get the perfect tire pressure. Getting the perfect tire pressure is important because when the tire heats up, the pressure gets high which causes the tires to lose grip. If you set the pressure to high, the pressure will rise and you will lose tire grip early in the race causing you to lose time. If you set it just right, your tires will have grip the whole race. This video will help because of how important it is to have the perfect tire pressure.

module 2 post 4 (Le Cont Red tires)

This is the karting tire I use in big racing competitions. This tire is the Le cont Red tire. It is the harder compound of the two Le cont tire compounds. Harder compounds of tires are more often used for junior karting competition, which is what I race. Tires are the most important part of karting as the karts have no suspension meaning tires are the only thing keeping you on the track.

module 2 post 3 (tire pressure gauge)

This is the tire pressure gauge I use in my kart racing career. A tire pressure gauge like this when plugged into the tire displays the air pressure in the tire and is able to take hair out of the tire with the push of a button. In karting tire pressure is important because when the tires get to a certain heat the pressure rises and as the pressure rises the tires start to lose grip. Setting the right tire pressure before a race helps a lot during the race.

module 2 post 2 (MG tire chart)

This chart is much similar to the chart in my module 2 post 1. The difference is this chart refers to a different tire brand and another one of the tires I race with. The lower the number, the softer the tire, but the softer the tire the shorter its life. This chart will help me to figure out how much the compound of tire makes a difference.

Module 2 post 1 (Bridgestone tire chart)

This is a tire chart for the tire maker Bridgestone. Bridgestone is a very popular tire brand in karting. As I am focusing on tires for my project, this chart will help because Bridgestone tires are one of the many types I use and it shows the info I need in an organized format. This info shown is the durability of the tire. The softer the tire, the faster the lap time but the less amount of laps the tire will live for. On this chart the lower the number the softer the compound. This will also help because it will help me find out how much difference the compound of the tire makes.

module one post eleven (mg tires)

MG tires is a brand of go karting tires. There are the market leader in go kart tire sales and produce many different tire compounds for any time of karting. Their website, mgtires.com, gives you all the information you need to know about their tires. There is even a tips section and tire compound scale. If you need any information on mg tires, this is where you should go.

This website will be able to help me a lot for this project. If I decide to go down the street with anything involving tires, I can use all of the information given on this website to my advantage. The tire compound scale and tips sections are also very useful, giving info on tire safety and mounting/dismounting of the tires. This site has everything I need on tires.

module one post eight (lecont.com)

Lecont is go kart tire manufacturer. These tires are the ones I use in national, regional, and club races. There is lots of math in tires. How much rubber, what type of rubber, why do some perform better then others, amount of air in the tire. Tires are very important in the world of karting. If they are the wrong compound, wrong air pressure, wrong setup, it will cost you the race.

Lecont.com is a very helpful website because it shows all of the tires they make and information about them.This website will help a lot if I decide to use information on tires for the project. I will be able to refer to this website to find all the information I will need. Having all the information on these tires in one place will make it much easier for me to complete this project.