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Module One Post Fifteen (The Physicist Who Figured Out Ballet)

This website explains how ballet is related to physics. This site had a lot of really good information and great explanations. It explained which moves involve physics as well as how to apply it. Kevin Laws is the author of this article, he is actually a ballet teacher now, and he has written three books. He says it’s important that ballet dancers see the value of scientific perspective. He says that dialogue between science and ballet can produce concrete results. He also explains that there is so much more to ballet than just strong toes and practice.

This website was helpful because the author gave multiple examples of how ballet involves physics, as well as real stories as to how he explained to his students the involvement of physics in ballet. This article also taught me how to apply this while I’m doing ballet.

Module 1 Post 11 (The Physicist Who Figured Out Ballet)


I found a site with information on how ballet is related to physics. Ballet involves physics and this site had a lot of information. It explained which moves had physics and how to apply it. It was written by Kevin Laws who is a actual ballet teacher now and who wrote three books. He explained that ballet is much more then practice and really strong toes.

This site helped me because there were multiple examples on how ballet involved physics. Most sites just list one example but this site had multiple. I can also apply this while I’m doing ballet, and I can understand it better if I had my own experience. But overall this was a very helpful site.