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Module One Post Twelve (The rule of thumb)

The rule of thumb

This website explains the reason why things decrease in velocity when they go on a flat surface. It’s because of the rule of thumb. The rule is that when a object is slowing down, the direction of the acceleration is in the opposite direction object’s motion. The diagram below shows this process. The green arrow indicates the direction of the velocity and the green arrows indicates the direction of the acceleration. When you ride in a car and you come to a urgent stop at a red light you can feel yourself leaning forward. Your motion is forward but you are negatively accelerating, or slowing down.

Module One Post Four(Calculating average velocity or speed)

                                    Calculating average velocity or speed

This video on khan academy show how to calculate two dimensional velocity or speed. It is basically calculating the average speed over a time period. For velocity, you just have to add the direction the object is moving. It might help me in calculating velocity for my project because I’d like to further explore physics – the study of matter in and its motion and behavior through time and space.

Module One Post Three (Math in Basketball)


This website show the jump shot from distance, the jump shot increase the shot and speed. The increased to the ball the higher velocity by using greater shoulders. The greater is your jump the more chances you can shoot. It show that if you jump the greater angle you can get. The reduction in balls release height and release angle.Figure 3

This helps me because the jump shot gives more power and greater angle of the shot. You need a great shoulders to get higher velocity. When you do a lay up you need to jump and your arm need to reach close to the hoop, and you can see is that when you jump is more better aim than just standing and shoot, that WRONG because you won’t get enough good chances.