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Module Two Post Five (The math in film making)

On this website it explains the math behind film making in detail.

Things like:

Pre-production which is like script, setting etc. Everything you need to know before you start recording. The post-production which is editing and fixing parts and like where clips start coming together.


Module 2 Post 1 (Shooting Angle Video)

In this video it shows a boy doing this exact same thing as a science fair project. He sets up tape and cones too show different angles. It shows us his results and how to do it properly. I think this will help to proceed with our project and how we are going to go about it. As well as giving us results to compare our results to.


Module Two Post Four (Counts of Eight)

For my fourth website, I have found a website that goes deeper into explaining the counts in music which is essential to all dancers when counting music. This website also has a few videos that explain how to count music which is counted in phrases of 8. for example when counting music, you count it as, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 and then repeat it over and over again. This is how most choreographers choreograph dances which is by counting the music and seeing which steps work best in the counts of 8. I think this website is very good because there are many dancers that don’t really know how to count music, so they end up doing steps at the wrong time.

Module One Post Five (Instructional Videos)

My fifth website is mainly about how to do certain steps, showing you in videos. This site is meant to teach you how to tap dance in easy and step-by-step videos. The videos will teach you some choreography with dance and also a tap workout. There is also and option of beginners, adv-beginner, intermediate, int-advanced, advanced, and custom levels for the steps that were already choreographed.

Module One Post Five (Mathematics In Film Production)

Here they talk about the mathematics of the scaling of a character in a movie and how they get real live objects onto the screen and into editing. It says that almost everything in a movie has math behind it for example:

~production, cameras, cinematography, lighting, budgeting, animation, editing, special effects, and music.

It then talks about each one more specifically.