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Module One Post Fifteen (Surface Tension of Water)

Surface Tension

While I was by a pond this summer, I saw insects standing on the surface of the water. After some searching, I find that the insect named water strider is able to stand on water due to water`s surface tension despite its denser body mass than water. This tension is due to the cohesive nature of water molecules that provides a strong cohesive force between the water molecules. When the water strider is exerting force on water, surface tension pushes back, creating a net force of zero. This contributes to the interesting phenomenon that I have observed at the pond.

Module One Post Thirteen

Cite used: https://science360.gov/obj/video/f2511bad-b43f-4dbd-84f9-ace57941ac90/mass-volume-density

Hockey takes advantage of one of the most precious liquids in the universe, water. Water is used as ice in it’s solid form. A hockey rink is 200 feet in length and 85 fee wide, therefore takes around 10,600 gallons of water to fill to about an inch. However, water expands when solidified, thats why some pipes break. This is how zamboni’s play a huge roll in the process of maintaining ice. It first removes first layer of ice, then puts new coat of water after finished. Therefore removing solids/refurnish ice before next period. This will be helpful when looking at the rink and it’s design. An amazing source of information!