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module 2 post 5 (How to: Perfect air pressure)

This is a youtube video about karting and tire pressure. It is an informational video explaining how to get the perfect tire pressure. Getting the perfect tire pressure is important because when the tire heats up, the pressure gets high which causes the tires to lose grip. If you set the pressure to high, the pressure will rise and you will lose tire grip early in the race causing you to lose time. If you set it just right, your tires will have grip the whole race. This video will help because of how important it is to have the perfect tire pressure.

module one post five (youtube.com)

I know youtube sounds like an average source to use, but I didn’t want to put all the channels I could use inside those brackets so I’ll just tell you them here. Youtube has many channels that talk about karting and the mechanics. Remo Ruscitti has a youth channel were he posts onboard videos of him driving go karts and race cars. KartPit has a channel were they post videos of working on the chassis of a go kart and different things you can change to improve performance. Italian Motors has a youtube channel were they post informational videos about some of their products.

All these youtube channels and videos can help me because it is a visual representation of what I’m doing. I found out that I learn better when I see what I am supposed to do. Watching videos, whether they are of driving, fixing, or information, having videos will help me a lot.