Towards new mistakes

This final lecture is a general explanation about “depth education”, which is the pedagogical approach that informed the course. For the past twelve weeks, you were invited to decenter yourself, to suspend your desires for and attachments to solutions and to center the complex trauma that humanity has caused to the planet (and to itself) in order to expand your capacity to navigate VUCA and to sit with difficult and painful things, including your own complicity in historical, systemic and on-going harm. Please watch (or re-watch) the lecture thinking about where you have been, where you are at and where you are going in your un/learning journey so far.

You are also invited to complete a bus exercise here, where, anonymously, you will formulate two “I wonder” questions as a response to the invitations of depth education: one from an immature passenger on your bus, and one from a passenger more committed to developing sobriety, maturity, discernment and responsibility/accountability.