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Bridges In Print – Works from the National Art Academy and the Art Faculty at Sofia University

Printmaking-based work made by students at the National Art Academy and the Art Faculty at Sofia University can currently be seen in the FINA Gallery.  The collection of work by ten students was organized as a Special Presentation within the 2021 Lessedra Mini Print Annual.  The works were curated by National Art Academy Associate Professor Rumyana Karastamova.

Professor Karastamova writes “the students of the printmaking Department of the National Art Academy study all classical printmaking techniques – woodcut, intaglio techniques, and lithography as well as more contemporary ones like screen print and digital print.  The students are motivated to study classical methods but also to experiment with new ways of printing to combine different approached and techniques.  As a teacher in that department, I find it really important that printmaking art is comprehended not just as a technology but also as a specific way of creating the composition of an artwork and expressing its message and concept.”

The exhibition at the FINA Gallery was initiated by the organizers of the Lessedra Mini Print Annual as part of an on-going exchange partnership with the printmaking area at UBC’s Okanagan campus.  Printmaking students from UBCO have been honored twice by mounting their own Special Presentation of prints in the Annual exhibition in Sofia.

Bridges in Print is particularly beneficial during the global pandemic as a means to maintain our students’ awareness of what is happening beyond our restricted borders in the global art world.

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